Will They Come? Wheels Through Time Celebrates 13 Years!

crowdatwttThirteen years ago today I woke up and wondered “will they come?” And you did! And came back -with friends! THANK YOU!

It was day one, Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley North Carolina. The collection had moved from its previous in MT. Vernon Illinois location where the Wheels Through Time Museum was founded in 1992 by Dale Walksler.  Nearly 300 people visited on day 1. Over a million visitors in 13 years!

The collection, however, was started in 1970 in suburban Chicago. The first bike I bought IMG_2636was a tired out Chicago police bike for 25 bucks.  I borrowed that from my dad Bernie…and paid him back.  That bike remains in the collection and most recently pal Jay Leno visited, sat on the bike, and cranked it up! It is always about the story, and all the machines have a story to tell!

The story of how I got from there to here is a long one. One interesting aspect of the collection is called “bike building 101,” start early and stay late!! I truly believe that in the past 46 years of collecting/building a large percentage of that time has been spent in the workshop. Endless hours, year after year.

The collection currently consists of over 350 rare American machines, many in their original condition.  Of these, nearly 150 machines I have built or restored. Naturally they are all in running condition.   Nothing has changed, I continue to put in many hours each week in the workshop at WTT.  Over 15 machines are now in process, and there are dozens of project in various locations around the museum.

What this means for our museum visitors is a new experience every time, guaranteed.

Thank You!  It Has Been A Great 13 Years!
Dale Walksler

History Comes Back To Wheels Through Time

It is said that history repeats itself. This is certainly true at Wheels Through Time this June of 2015. It loconewstorypicis with great pride that Wheels Through Time is now back in possession of a most remarkable automobile. The oneof a kind 1915 Locomobile. Most people have never heard of a Locomobile, but this Loco is of a special flavor. Built by the company that claimed to build “THE BEST CARS MONEY CAN BUY” in Bridgeport Connecticut.  It is one-off build from 1915 , designed by Frank De Causse in Bridgeport Connecticut.  More importantly it was built for Charles Templeton Crocker whose family was important in the history of the state of California. Volumes have been written about the company, the family, and the one-off automobile. The car is cataloged as a collapsible cabriolet. It is the first car with dual side mounted spare tires, but most importantly it is the first roll up window design that converts to an open top speedster. It was rumored to cost Crocker twelve thousand dollars in 1915.  Museum founder Dale Walksler purchased the car in 1995 and kept it at Wheels Through Time for 12 years. Dale regretted letting the old Loco go and was most surprised when the current owner offered the car back to Dale . Done deal! And now for your viewing pleasure we offer a new TIME MACHINE video that shares the glory of the famous Locomobile.


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