Jay Leno Visits Wheels Through Time


Jay puts a pin in the “Where are you from?” map.


Jay fires up Dale’s first motorcycle.

Jay Leno made a surprise world wind visit to the museum today that included Jay cranking, to the delight of museum patrons, Dale’s first ride, his 57 Harley 3 wheel chopper.  Jay was performing at Harrahs Cherokee Casino and Wheels was in his radar.  Jay was most gracious and posed for pictures with near a hundred during his 3 hour visit.


Dale shows Jay a rare Harley cut away motor.





Museum founder Dale Walksler enthusiastically shared some of the museums gems and Jay shared some stories and his experience with similar makes and models.  Dale had visited Jay’s “BIG DOG GARAGE” several years ago during a west coast trip and marveled at Jay’s incredible collection of nearly 100 cars, Steam Power Collection, and 40 plus rare motorcycles.


Dale proves that WTT is the museum that runs.

Some of Jays favorites besides Dale’s first bike were the Cadillac 16 cylinder coupe and the 32 Lincoln Roadster, which are in the permanent collection. Other favorites were the Crocker Hemi and the Coca Cola Chopper. He was intrigued with a rare cutaway engine and the collection of one of a kind machines.  A tour of the behind the scenes workshop was a natural and then upstairs where Jay took a lap around the history of American dirt track racing machines .
In all 9 machines were ceremoniously fired up to the delight of Jay and an easy hundred admirers.

A good time was had by all… and a little smoke and fire.

New For 2015!


New Restorations, New Displays, and Working Shops are all enticing new reasons to visit or revisit Wheels Through Time.

IMG_2604One of the many new displays is a comprehensive collection of unique and one of a kind sidecars and sidevans . Several of the units were acquired at the recent action of the EJ Cole collection.


IMG_2599The Harley 45 collection is near completion. One of each model from 1929 to 1952. Most of these examples are special models or original paint machines. The latest completed restoration is the rare 1952 last year model featured in 1952
tropical green. In addition the exhibit has been enhanced and each machine is neatly displayed.

IMG_2602      The Famous Wheels Through Time board track exhibit has been enhanced with over 30 new framed pieces of memorabilia and a stunning new arrangement of machines. You can usually get a running display if Dale is on hand to fire one up.





Also don’t miss Crocker #8 and the story of Crocker #22, both now on permanent display at Wheels Through Time . Learn the behind-the-scenes story on both machines. The engine switch 50 years ago and the discovery of #8.



Check out these machines and 350 more at our digital museum THE TIME MACHINE. Also new news for 2015 is the introduction of new Time Machine videos and a streamlined website to view them. It is our commitment and goal for everybody to have easy access to history at Wheels Through Time, whether it is first hand experience or our digital option.  History .. it is our commitment to you!