History In The Making…

American-Restoration-BannerAmerican History and Restoration have always been in the life’s blood of museum founder Dale Walksler. It’s no surprise to us that this combination would eventually find its way into your home. Coming your way January 1st, 2016 Dale Walksler and the Wheels Through Time Museum will be featured in the hit reality TV show “American Restoration” on the History Channel.

ARlogo1The new American Restoration will feature Dale Walksler  and his crew.  They bring two-wheeled American History back  to life. Dale and crew will share the screen with 4 other shops, each bringing their unique talent to the show.  Filming this adventure started in July of 2015 and continued through the year, keeping Dale busy behind the museum scene restoring and bringing back to like some of Americas rarest two-wheeled treasures.

Dale however in not the only “star” on the show.  Always eager  Asheville, N.C. resident, John Gustafson, is the McGuyver like mechanic that can fix anything. Bob White A.K.A “quail” currently serves on the museum board of directors and holds up many of the historical aspects of the restorations on the new show.

John, Dale & Bob on set in the museum for American Restoration.

John, Dale & Bob on set in the museum for American Restoration.

Of course television is nothing new at the museum . Discovery/ Velocity hit it off with Dale and crew in its 2 year run of “What’s In The Barn” and Mike and Frank of “American Pickers” have always trusted Dale for his knowledge and expertise.



2016 will be an exciting world at Wheels Through Time in  Maggie Valley, NC. Be sure to drop in and share the excitement, fascination, and history.




Exactly one week after Ralph Adams won the Grand Prize 1939 Knucklehead from the WTTM annual raffle he and his wife Denise claimed his prize, and rode it!

All the stars lined up. He bought his tickets in June, his new trailer in July, prayed in August, Sept, and Oct. Then on November 14th he got the call and picked up his beauty seven days later.

Dale and Ralph with the "Winning Ticket" on delivery day.

Dale and Ralph with the “Winning Ticket” on delivery day.

Ralph was instructed by museum founder Dale Walksler on the details of starting and riding the glorious 39 Knuck. Ralph took to it like a duck to water. Both hands on the bars, then one hand. Before you knew it he was shifting on the tank, clutching with the foot, and having the time of his life.
Ralph and Denise visit WTTM each year on their annual ride in the Smokies and each year Ralph gets a hand full of raffle tickets and his WTTM merchandise.

Ralph on his first ride. Please notice the smile as Ralph rides the 39 Knuck with ease.

Ralph on his first ride. Please notice the smile as Ralph rides the 39 Knuck with ease.





Just goes to show you that anyone can win- AND YOU CAN TOO!!!

STAY TUNED IN FOR DETAILS ON THE 2016 MACHINE. There are some great surprises soon to be seen on both Ralph’s win and the 2016 machine on the History channel… coming soon

2017? Well that one is also moving ahead. Stay tuned in for details and Time Machine Videos on this build.