‘Wheels’ Looking Forward to Record Breaking 2015

Wheels Through Time would like to send out a big “Thank You” to all of our visitors, friends, and family for helping make 2014 our best year yet!  Last year, we had the pleasure of hosting over 120,000 visitors through our doors — the action was non-stop, and each and every person that made us a destination lent a hand in our success.


The “Bike House” was found during season 3 of “What’s In The Barn?” after Dale follows a lead to rural North Georgia.

While it might seem impossible to top such a great 2014 season, Wheels Through Time has already been working hard to bring its success in 2015 to a whole new level!!!

“What’s In The Barn?” is back for a 3rd on Velocity TV, chasing Dale and Matt across the country in search of rare and historic machines for display inside the museum.  This season, Dale heads south to Texas for one of the World’s biggest swapmeets then to Michigan for a high-class automotive show that brings him back to the previous home of one of the world’s rarest motorcycles.  They chase down uncertain lead in North Georgia to a “Bike House”, and are blown away at what they find!  Eight more episodes begin airing in late spring.  A new “What’s in the Barn?” Exhibit will also be opening in May of 2015, showcasing many of the finds from season 3!


Dale and Elijah from Mulga, Alabama break ground on the 2016 WTT Raffle Bike in the rear shop inside the museum

The museum is always thinking of new ways to continue making experiences of our visitors better each year.  In 2015, we’ll be bringing involvement of our patrons to a whole new level.  This coming year, visitors will have a the opportunity to lend a hand in the rebuild and restoration a very special machine — the 2016 WTT Raffle Bike, to be raffled of in November 2016.  Construction has already begun, and we’ll be relying on you to get this one ready for the road.

WTT is also planning a gala fundraiser for The Home Depot Foundation, whose mission is to improve the homes and lives of our U.S. military veterans and their families.  The museum has long been a supporter of all of our veterans, and looks to expand that support this 2015.  All proceeds from the event will benefit the Foundation, who spends millions annually to for veterans in our communities.

Perhaps the biggest news for 2015 is the Wheels Through Time MEGA RAFFLE!  Wheels Through Time and the Amelia Island Charities will be offering a once-in-

Here it is!!! The 1936 Crocker Hemi #8 is the Grand Prize of the WTT Mega Raffle.  More information coming soon!

Here it is!!! The 1936 Crocker Hemi #8 is the Grand Prize of the WTT Mega Raffle. More information coming soon!

a-lifetime opportunity to own one of the rarest and most significant motorcycles in the world — the 1936 Crocker Hemi Twin.  This machine — the 8th Crocker of less than 70 produced — remains the earliest running production Crocker in existance, has been heralded by experts as one of the world’s most significant motorcycles. A full feature story and details of the raffle are coming soon. This is one drawing you don’t want to miss!

Wheels Through Time will be opening for the 2015 season on April 2nd.  Please stay tuned for a full list of events on the museum’s website coming soon.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled and ears open for historic machines in your neighborhood!  Dale and crew are on the hunt for history in unusual places, and are always looking for the next rusty relic for “What’s In The Barn?”

For more information about the 2015 season, “What’s In the Barn?”, WTT’s Home Depot Foundation Gala, or the WTT Crocker MEGA RAFFLE, visit www.WheelsThroughTime.com or contact us at 828 926-6266.

Past WTT Raffle Winner Talks About Experience, Shares Feeling of Riding and Owning Vintage Iron

Dale reads off the winner of the 2011 Wheels Through Time Raffle.  Chris Hemminger took home the beautiful 1936 Knucklehead Bobber!

Dale reads off the winner of the 2011 Wheels Through Time Raffle. Chris Hemminger took home the beautiful 1936 Knucklehead Bobber!

With the 2014 Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Raffle just days away, thousands of hopeful ticket holders look toward the future with anticipation, keeping fingers crossed that they’ll be bringing home a new addition to their garage. But for a select few others, the days leading up to the raffle have been a time of reflection, as they look back at the experience of becoming the next Grand Prize Winner and owner of a genuine piece of motorcycle history.

Chris Hemminger came to Wheels Through Time Museum for his first visit in 2009. Annually making the ride to the Great Smoky Mountains with his friends, Chris began to make the museum a meeting place during his travels, sharing it with friends and family. During his first tour through WTT, he learned of the annual motorcycle raffle, which serves as the museum’s largest fundraiser, and decided to buy at ticket. Chris began to buy a ticket or two on each visit, hoping one day his luck would pay off. Eventually, he hit the jackpot, when he was called as the lucky winner of a genuine 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead Bobber in 2011! Chris received the call on his youngest daughters 1st birthday, and although he was in disbelief at first, the good news quickly set in.

The 1936 Knucklehead Bobber sitting in front of Chris's home in Maryland.  Although he's a busy guy, he rides it often!

The 1936 Knucklehead Bobber sitting in front of Chris’s home in Maryland. Although he’s a busy guy, he rides it often!

Within a month, Chris was down to claim his prize. Although he had never ridden an antique motorcycle before and was a little intimidated, he jumped in with both feet and was riding laps around the museum in no-time! “I’ve had fatboys, sportsters, ridden just about every modern model Harley of my buddies, but never anything with a kickstart, foot-clutch, tank-shift, and manual spark advace,” Chris admits. “But I absolutely loved it, and can’t believe I was intimidated.”

While keeping busy with work and home life, Chris still gets it out for a short ride or two whenever he can. He tells us that when out cruising, he often receives comments on how great the bike looks, and is occasionally asked “how much do you have in it?”. He loves to watch the reactions when he tells them it only cost him 10 bucks! His goal is to someday ride the bike in the Motorcycle Kickstart Classic, as he is a big fan of American Iron Magazine and all of the great vintage articles they put out.

Chris also has some advice for future winners: “Enjoy!” he says. “Your life is about to change! There is no feeling like riding and owning vintage iron. Especially one built from the ground up by the master himself, Dale Walkser!”

Since his lucky day, Chris has made the trek back to WTT twice a year, and says anytime he is within a couple hundred mile radius, he always makes the detour. And you guessed it….he’s still buying tickets for the museum’s annual raffle, hoping to take home another hand-built, genuine American motorcycle classic.

For more information about the 2014 Wheels Through Time Raffle Drawing November 15th, or to get your tickets to WIN today, visit www.WheelsThroughTime.com/2014raffle!