New For 2015!


New Restorations, New Displays, and Working Shops are all enticing new reasons to visit or revisit Wheels Through Time.

IMG_2604One of the many new displays is a comprehensive collection of unique and one of a kind sidecars and sidevans . Several of the units were acquired at the recent action of the EJ Cole collection.


IMG_2599The Harley 45 collection is near completion. One of each model from 1929 to 1952. Most of these examples are special models or original paint machines. The latest completed restoration is the rare 1952 last year model featured in 1952
tropical green. In addition the exhibit has been enhanced and each machine is neatly displayed.

IMG_2602      The Famous Wheels Through Time board track exhibit has been enhanced with over 30 new framed pieces of memorabilia and a stunning new arrangement of machines. You can usually get a running display if Dale is on hand to fire one up.





Also don’t miss Crocker #8 and the story of Crocker #22, both now on permanent display at Wheels Through Time . Learn the behind-the-scenes story on both machines. The engine switch 50 years ago and the discovery of #8.



Check out these machines and 350 more at our digital museum THE TIME MACHINE. Also new news for 2015 is the introduction of new Time Machine videos and a streamlined website to view them. It is our commitment and goal for everybody to have easy access to history at Wheels Through Time, whether it is first hand experience or our digital option.  History .. it is our commitment to you!


Past WTT Raffle Winner Talks About Experience, Shares Feeling of Riding and Owning Vintage Iron

Dale reads off the winner of the 2011 Wheels Through Time Raffle.  Chris Hemminger took home the beautiful 1936 Knucklehead Bobber!

Dale reads off the winner of the 2011 Wheels Through Time Raffle. Chris Hemminger took home the beautiful 1936 Knucklehead Bobber!

With the 2014 Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Raffle just days away, thousands of hopeful ticket holders look toward the future with anticipation, keeping fingers crossed that they’ll be bringing home a new addition to their garage. But for a select few others, the days leading up to the raffle have been a time of reflection, as they look back at the experience of becoming the next Grand Prize Winner and owner of a genuine piece of motorcycle history.

Chris Hemminger came to Wheels Through Time Museum for his first visit in 2009. Annually making the ride to the Great Smoky Mountains with his friends, Chris began to make the museum a meeting place during his travels, sharing it with friends and family. During his first tour through WTT, he learned of the annual motorcycle raffle, which serves as the museum’s largest fundraiser, and decided to buy at ticket. Chris began to buy a ticket or two on each visit, hoping one day his luck would pay off. Eventually, he hit the jackpot, when he was called as the lucky winner of a genuine 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead Bobber in 2011! Chris received the call on his youngest daughters 1st birthday, and although he was in disbelief at first, the good news quickly set in.

The 1936 Knucklehead Bobber sitting in front of Chris's home in Maryland.  Although he's a busy guy, he rides it often!

The 1936 Knucklehead Bobber sitting in front of Chris’s home in Maryland. Although he’s a busy guy, he rides it often!

Within a month, Chris was down to claim his prize. Although he had never ridden an antique motorcycle before and was a little intimidated, he jumped in with both feet and was riding laps around the museum in no-time! “I’ve had fatboys, sportsters, ridden just about every modern model Harley of my buddies, but never anything with a kickstart, foot-clutch, tank-shift, and manual spark advace,” Chris admits. “But I absolutely loved it, and can’t believe I was intimidated.”

While keeping busy with work and home life, Chris still gets it out for a short ride or two whenever he can. He tells us that when out cruising, he often receives comments on how great the bike looks, and is occasionally asked “how much do you have in it?”. He loves to watch the reactions when he tells them it only cost him 10 bucks! His goal is to someday ride the bike in the Motorcycle Kickstart Classic, as he is a big fan of American Iron Magazine and all of the great vintage articles they put out.

Chris also has some advice for future winners: “Enjoy!” he says. “Your life is about to change! There is no feeling like riding and owning vintage iron. Especially one built from the ground up by the master himself, Dale Walkser!”

Since his lucky day, Chris has made the trek back to WTT twice a year, and says anytime he is within a couple hundred mile radius, he always makes the detour. And you guessed it….he’s still buying tickets for the museum’s annual raffle, hoping to take home another hand-built, genuine American motorcycle classic.

For more information about the 2014 Wheels Through Time Raffle Drawing November 15th, or to get your tickets to WIN today, visit!