2017 Season – New Bikes, New Exhibits, New Fun!

Happy New Year and thank you to all of our friends, supporters, and enthusiasts!   Visitors from every state and over 50 countries around the world who made a trip to Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, North Carolina in the 2016 season.  2017 promises to be an exciting year for the museum, its supporters, and enthusiasts.  For those that have never visited the Wheels Through Time, we guarantee an experience beyond your expectations.  Currently the museum team members are gearing up for the 2017 season, with new displays, exhibits, and some exciting external improvements.  Dale is restoring and rebuilding over a dozen intriguing motorcycles which will all debut in the various museum galleries in the 2017 season.


After the 2016 season of American Restoration featured The Wheels Through Time, not only did awareness of the Wheels Through Time rapidly grow, but the desire to learn about American motorcycle restoration also expanded all across the globe.  In 2007, Dale introduced The Time Machine. Dale realized that not everybody may have the opportunity to visit the museum first hand, however a unique digital presentation could be enjoyed worldwide.  From 2007-2016 Dale produced 345 educational videos pertaining to all aspects of The Wheels Through Time Museum.  The Time Machine gave the world a glimpse of motorcycle history, preservation and restoration, not to mention the shared human interest stories of dozens of intriguing enthusiasts from around the world.  Many of Dale’s videos have millions of views worldwide and interest in this type of educational and entertaining content is rapidly growing.  Upgrading the Time Machine is now in motion for 2017 and beyond. The access is the same but we have changed the name to Dales Channel.


Easy to access, fun to learn, and the content seems endless! Our new format will bring our viewers 8 new programs per month! The list of machines scheduled for programming rival the history of American motorcycling.  From the earliest pioneers of our sport to the alcohol burning race bikes from the glory days of American motorcycling, Dale will fill you full of facts, information and restoration tips from these famous machines that haunt the museum.  Dale calls this remarkable series of shows Reel School! Take a look by going to http://www.wheelsthroughtime.com/product/dales-channel-yearly/ to subscribe and find out more!

In addition to Dales Channel, a host of new programs and events will be on going at Wheels Through Time. Our event calendar is filling up and will be available by mid February.  Our annual Raffle continues to be a success and has now been UPGRADED to increase your chance of winning a gorgeous black and chrome 1948 Harley Davidson Panhead Springer.  Any ticket purchase over $50 in the month of January, February, and March will ALSO enter you into a drawing to win a trip for you and guest to the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Check out the details on our website at http://www.wheelsthroughtime.com/upgrade/ to find out more!

Our new member – the Lifetime Donorship – offering was kicked off in late 2016 with great success. We now have over 100 new member/donors that are paving the way for future generations.  Along with free admission for yourself and three friends, each Donor will receive an individually numbered and signed print of “The Discovery”, a David Uhl art piece of Dale Walksler discovering the rare Crocker Number 8.  David Uhls art work has glorified the discovery of American history at the museum and we assure you this new distinctive member offering will exceed your every expectation. To learn more on how you can become a member / donor, go to http://www.wheelsthroughtime.com/life-time-donorship-main/.
David Uhl Slider Smaller

On the subject of paving, another 2017 initiative is our outdoor FLOOR OF FAME. Coming soon see how you can become a permanent member and share your history at Wheels Through Time. There is a limited number of bricks, help us pave the future!

Once again we would like to thank all of our visitors past and future for making Wheels Through Time a memorable experience and welcome you to join us here this season. If you cannot make the journey stay tuned in at http://www.wheelsthroughtime.com for interesting news and action in the world of American motorcycling.

Best Wishes,

Wheels Through Time, The Museum That Runs

Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays And Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful friends, family, and supporters of The Wheels Through Time.  We would again like to Thank You for supporting the WTT and look forward to incredible year ahead of us.  Please be careful and considerate this Holiday and think twice before you drink and drive, or drink and ride.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dale Walksler
Founder and Curator


Farewell 2016

It is with great pride and gratitude that we close the 2016 Season at Wheels Through Time. It was an exciting year with record numbers of visitors experiencing the new “look” here at Wheels Through Time.  New to The Museum this year were several 4 wheel machines, and nearly a dozen new motorcycles from several different eras.   Among the new artifacts and machines, was a new exhibit of art displayed by the incredibly talented David Uhl, http://www.uhlstudios.com, which surrounds the magnificent pair of Crocker motorcycles used in American Restoration!  David’s art enhances the depth and beauty of the historical artifacts that rest at The Wheels Through Time.


The American Restoration television show featured on the History Channel broadened the museum audience and many are now discovering their own passion for American Motorcycle History.  While many visitors and fans are asking what show is next, I have quietly been putting together something special set to debut in Winter of 2017!  Make sure to stay tuned in to our website for updates and a release date!  Simply put, if you’ve read this far, you surely won’t be disappointed!

We also introduced the LifeTime Donorship Program allowing free lifetime admission for the Donor and 3 friends.  The Donorship program will help ensure Wheels Through Time will remain open for future generations and continue to educate people on the history of American Motorcycles.


The Donors’ name will remain on a placard at the entrance of Wheels Through Time as a token of the Museum’s appreciation. An individually numbered and signed David Uhl print of The Discovery is included with the Donorship as well as a few other WTT goodies!  Click here http://www.wheelsthroughtime.com/life-time-donorship-main/to learn about becoming a Lifetime Donor!

In closing, I would like to thank my fiancé Trish who has been amazing and has spent tireless hours helping with anything and everything that required attention,  She has been incredible to say the least.

I would like to extend a huge Thank You to the visitors, volunteers, members, and supporters of this American History Experience. Each day our special friends share their stories and memories while surrounded with running artifacts of days gone by. The museum experience was undoubtedly enhanced by our incredible staff and volunteers – Nikki, Brittany, Betty, Cat, Jan, and Andy the Tour Guide.  Also, a special thanks to Jack Harrell who has been with us at the museum from over a decade.  Thanks Jack!  Throughout 2016, we fired up over 150 rare machines and helped educate over 75,000 people that came through Wheels Through Time!

Stay tuned in over 2017 to our Facebook Live, Monthly, and Quarterly Newsletters and stay up to speed on new exhibits, merchandise, gear, and of course motorcycles that are heading to Wheels Through Time in 2017!
Dale Walksler
Founder and Curator
Wheels Through Time

And the winners are………

Congratulations to Bear King on winning the 1946 Knucklehead!  We know you will give this machine a great home!


It was without a doubt a day worth waiting for.  Not only did we unveil the 2017 Raffle Bike, we also held the Raffle in a new part of the museum and a record 3 out of 4 of the winners were present at the time of the drawing.  The excitement and energy in the building was unmatched by any previous raffle event we’ve hosted in the past!

Our Grand prize winner was Bear King of Charlotte, North Carolina.  He’s been coming to museum since it opened in 2001 and it was his 13th time entering into the WTT Raffle and this year was finally his to claim.  Bear had purchased tickets a few times through out the year and also purchased another 7 tickets when he arrived that morning at 9:00am!  Upon his ticket being drawn, he was speechless and it was in fact another person who yelled out “He’s here!” before he spoke up or came forward. Frantically everyone turned and looked to their left and right.  Just moments later, Bear stepped forward from the side of the stage and raised his hand.  We had our winner! The look on the face of the life long motorcycle rider and enthusiast was priceless.  Moments later Bear was sitting on his new ’46 Knucklehead.  We knew he wouldn’t have any problems with the bike when he started it on the first kick!   His picture will be added to the Raffle Winner Wall and he is picking his Knucklehead up on Tuesday!  Congratulations Bear!
Our 2nd Prize Winner was John Sapienza of Hubbard, Ohio!  John was present for the raffle as well.  John rode is Sportster all the way from Ohio to attend the WTT Raffle.   He screamed down from the mezzanine and the crowd went wild!  He made his way down stairs and to the center stage.  He was so out of breath from excitement he could hardly talk!  When he finally caught his breath the one of the first thing he said is “All (Gasping) 10 Grand is going (gasping) towards a new bike!”.  We couldn’t be happier for you John! Congratulations Mr. Sapienza!


Our 3rd Prize Winner was Frank Coy of Toledo, Ohio!  Frank wasn’t present for the raffle but we managed to get him on the telephone.  Rick visited the museum in July and and only bought 7 tickets – 1 of which was the one that earned him $5,000.  Congratulations Frank!

New to the WTT Raffle is The Angel Drawing.  It’s a $4,000 prize split 50/50 between the AngelMan Foundation and the Raffle Winner.  The winner of the the Angel Drawing was Linda Perkle from Toccoa Georgia!  who also happened to be present at the drawing!  Congratulations Linda!  Natalie Crump carefully pulled the ticket the year as her parents Ricky and Lisa Crump proudly watched.  It was a special moment to say the least!

11-angeldrawingWhat a day…

We would sincerely like to thank all of our supporters who attended the museum this year and all of the years that have past.  Thank You Jim Dohms for from Dohms Creative Photography for donating several pieces of incredible art to the Raffle as well!  In addition we would like to thank all our fans who have told friends about the Wheels Through Time and especially to the ones who have  made a special trip to see it every day!.  If you are one of the people who visit the Museum year after year and enter in to the Raffle Drawing, please consider supporting Wheels Through Time by purchasing a Lifetime Donorship. You can visit our website to find out more!

Thank You for supporting The Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum!

History In The Making…


2016 Raffle Bike

Building a motorcycle in front of a world audience is a rare opportunity and winning a 1946 stunning Harley Davidson motorcycle is even more rare than that.  Saturday, November 12 at 2:00pm – that is what is going to happen. AND MORE, A lot more.

For instance,  A 10 Thousand Dollar Second Prize Drawing, A Five Thousand Dollar Third Prize Drawing, and lastly A Special “ANGEL” Surprise Drawing. Giveaway door prizes will take place on the hour.   For the first time at Wheels Through Time, there will also be a live panel discussion from 10:00am to 12:00pm with the American Restoration Team as well as Artist and Pin-striper Mark Peters and Painter John Dills from Dill Paintworks.wheel-through-time

In years past the Haywood County Toy Run has graced the grounds on the Raffle Day, but this year the run has changed its finish location. The event will be held inside The Wheels Through Time Museum.  Free refreshments will be available from 10:00am to 3:00pm on the Museum grounds for everyone, however admission may be limited for a short time during the raffle.

Here is the schedule of events for Raffle Day.

9:00am – Museum opens for general admission

10:00am – Free Refreshments Available

12:00pm – We are excited to announce a new museum membership opportunity with an artful twist. You don’t want to pass this one up!


1:00pm – The 2017 Raffle Bike will be unveiled! This magnificent machine is the latest from the restoration shop at Wheels Through Time, and will surely make a BIG impression on everyone.  On site ticket sales will close at 1:00pm sharp! All subsequent ticket sales will be on the NEW CROWN JEWEL!

2:00pm – The series of prize drawings will take place in the following order:
1. A special prize will be drawn from a special drum- details on raffle day
2. Third Place Prize – $5,000
3. Second Place Prize – $10,000
4. The Grand Prize – A 1946 Harley Davidson FL Knucklehead OR $25,000

Each of the Events and Drawings will be Live on Facebook so tune in to see if you are a winner!  Upon each drawn ticket, we will attempt to call the winner.

It was a group effort to build the ’46 Harley and our group of Wheels Through Time friends reached out again and made this one our most successful yet!  We continue to strive to give our visitors the most for their investment and promise that each and every visit will be a memorable event.  Whether you visit us in person, browse the website, or learn it all from Dale’s Channel, we promise to bring you back to a mechanical time of wonder.

Thank You For Your Continued Support,
Dale and Wheels Through Time Staff




American-Restoration-BannerAmerican History and Restoration have always been in the life’s blood of museum founder Dale Walksler. It’s no surprise to us that this combination would eventually find its way into your home. Coming your way January 1st, 2016 Dale Walksler and the Wheels Through Time Museum will be featured in the hit reality TV show “American Restoration” on the History Channel.

ARlogo1The new American Restoration will feature Dale Walksler  and his crew.  They bring two-wheeled American History back  to life. Dale and crew will share the screen with 4 other shops, each bringing their unique talent to the show.  Filming this adventure started in July of 2015 and continued through the year, keeping Dale busy behind the museum scene restoring and bringing back to like some of Americas rarest two-wheeled treasures.

Dale however in not the only “star” on the show.  Always eager  Asheville, N.C. resident, John Gustafson, is the McGuyver like mechanic that can fix anything. Bob White A.K.A “quail” currently serves on the museum board of directors and holds up many of the historical aspects of the restorations on the new show.

John, Dale & Bob on set in the museum for American Restoration.

John, Dale & Bob on set in the museum for American Restoration.

Of course television is nothing new at the museum . Discovery/ Velocity hit it off with Dale and crew in its 2 year run of “What’s In The Barn” and Mike and Frank of “American Pickers” have always trusted Dale for his knowledge and expertise.



2016 will be an exciting world at Wheels Through Time in  Maggie Valley, NC. Be sure to drop in and share the excitement, fascination, and history.




Exactly one week after Ralph Adams won the Grand Prize 1939 Knucklehead from the WTTM annual raffle he and his wife Denise claimed his prize, and rode it!

All the stars lined up. He bought his tickets in June, his new trailer in July, prayed in August, Sept, and Oct. Then on November 14th he got the call and picked up his beauty seven days later.

Dale and Ralph with the "Winning Ticket" on delivery day.

Dale and Ralph with the “Winning Ticket” on delivery day.

Ralph was instructed by museum founder Dale Walksler on the details of starting and riding the glorious 39 Knuck. Ralph took to it like a duck to water. Both hands on the bars, then one hand. Before you knew it he was shifting on the tank, clutching with the foot, and having the time of his life.
Ralph and Denise visit WTTM each year on their annual ride in the Smokies and each year Ralph gets a hand full of raffle tickets and his WTTM merchandise.

Ralph on his first ride. Please notice the smile as Ralph rides the 39 Knuck with ease.

Ralph on his first ride. Please notice the smile as Ralph rides the 39 Knuck with ease.





Just goes to show you that anyone can win- AND YOU CAN TOO!!!

STAY TUNED IN FOR DETAILS ON THE 2016 MACHINE. There are some great surprises soon to be seen on both Ralph’s win and the 2016 machine on the History channel… coming soon

2017? Well that one is also moving ahead. Stay tuned in for details and Time Machine Videos on this build.

And The Winner Is….

Present at the 13th annual toy run two former Winners.  Left James Eldridge , St Louis Mo.  winner of the 1932 custom  VL bobber.. Right  Randy Horn and his 1939 Custom Knucklehead bobber. Both machines are painted by John Dills and hand lettered/striped by Mark Peters

Present at the 13th annual toy run were two former Winners. Left James Eldridge , St Louis MO. Winner of the 1932 custom VL bobber. Right Randy Horn and his 1939 Custom Knucklehead bobber. Both machines are painted by John Dills and hand lettered/striped by Mark Peters

Today, Saturday November 14, 2015 will be a day not to be forgotten. Especially for the winner of the Wheels Through Time Museum annual raffle.  This year’s winner is Ralph Adams of Sykesville, MD.  Ralph had an interesting story to tell after he recovered from the shocking call he received from museum founder Dale Walksler.

Bob White and John Gustufson roll out the 1939 grand prize! this custom machine was built by renown builder Wendell  Turner. The bike is  next heading to  its new owner Ralph Adams of Sykesville Md. The bike will be gone but you will soon be seeing more of these characters on our new television series on the History channel, coming soon.

Bob White and John Gustufson roll out the 1939 grand prize! this custom machine was built by renown builder Wendell Turner. The bike is next heading to its new owner Ralph Adams of Sykesville, MD. The bike will be gone but you will soon be seeing more of these characters on our new television series on the History Channel, coming soon.








Our yearly raffle is held in conjunction with the Haywood County toy run. This year over 800 motorcyclists participated in the 20 mile ride ending at the WTTM.  A great BBQ dinner was prepared by the toy run organization. Door prizes galore and a 50/50 drawing that would knock your socks off, but the 1939 Harley Davidson custom knucklehead was the big prize.

Many people ask how our raffle works. It is simple to explain.    This years raffle picker is name is Amber. She is handing the WINNING ticket to Alynn, who in turn hands it to Dale Walksler .

Many people ask how our raffle works. It is simple to explain.  This year’s raffle picker was Amber. She is handing the WINNING ticket to Alynn, who in turn hands it to Dale Walksler .


Now for Ralph and his story.  For the past four years Ralph and his wife Denise have visited the museum on their annual trek to ride the Smokies. Each year Ralph has contributed to the museum raffle, usually buying the 14 ticket package for one hundred dollars. Denise has been enjoying her official WTTM shirt she received with her raffle tickets and Ralph is regularly seen sporting his WTTM merchandise as well.  This is where the story gets fun.

Dale announces the WINNER to the crowd!

Dale announces the WINNER to the crowd!





Today Ralph went motorcycle shopping. He was in the market for a used Harley to compliment his 2006 Harley Electra glide.  He found a 1986 Evo super glide on Craigslist called the owner and “made a deal.”  When he got to the owner’s house the owner raised the price, which was a deal breaker for Ralph. He thought to himself, “Maybe I will win the raffle.” He went home very disappointed.  Within 1 hour, yes 1 hour, he got the call. HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A huge congratulations to Ralph and Denise. Your gonna love that 1939 Harley.

Norton Invasion

Thursday June 16, 2015 is a day that will forever be remembered as the Norton invasion.

Dale & Dave Aldana(Bones)

Over 275 of the beloved English brand graced the entire premisses at Wheels Through Time. Inside were the proud owners, outside waiting to come to life again were a bevy of British Norton Motorcycles larger than any assembled on American soil. EVER!

Bob White addresses the Norton National Owners Group

Bob White addresses the International Norton Owners Association.





The force responsible for this herculean effort was the International Norton Owners Association. The machines and owners have been camped on Asheville N.C. soil for 3 days with 7/16/15 being chosen for the invasion.

Dave Aldana, Dale Walksler, Brian Slark, and John Faville

Dave Aldana, Dale Walksler, Brian Slark, and John Faville


There were Norton Commandos , Norton Manxs, Norton everything.Tales were told of the infamous Norton HOGSLAYER,  the champion duel engine Norton that turned a 7.41 quarter mile in the 1980s. There were stories of the 1969 Commando.  Box stock this bike was in the 11’s . Fastest bike on 2 wheels, they say. Also, of course, there was dirt track racing. Dave Aldana (BONES) was on hand and shared some history on his 4 grand national championships in the 70’s. Dave also joined Steve McQueen in the legendary film “On Any Sunday.”



Memorably, at precisely 1 pm the crowd was called to order in the parking lot and all, yes all of the 250 machines, started and ran in unison. A fitting tribute at the museum known as THE MUSEUM THAT RUNS

A hearty thank you to all that attended. A once in a lifetime experience for all.

Ride safe

Will They Come? Wheels Through Time Celebrates 13 Years!

crowdatwttThirteen years ago today I woke up and wondered “will they come?” And you did! And came back -with friends! THANK YOU!

It was day one, Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley North Carolina. The collection had moved from its previous in MT. Vernon Illinois location where the Wheels Through Time Museum was founded in 1992 by Dale Walksler.  Nearly 300 people visited on day 1. Over a million visitors in 13 years!

The collection, however, was started in 1970 in suburban Chicago. The first bike I bought IMG_2636was a tired out Chicago police bike for 25 bucks.  I borrowed that from my dad Bernie…and paid him back.  That bike remains in the collection and most recently pal Jay Leno visited, sat on the bike, and cranked it up! It is always about the story, and all the machines have a story to tell!

The story of how I got from there to here is a long one. One interesting aspect of the collection is called “bike building 101,” start early and stay late!! I truly believe that in the past 46 years of collecting/building a large percentage of that time has been spent in the workshop. Endless hours, year after year.

The collection currently consists of over 350 rare American machines, many in their original condition.  Of these, nearly 150 machines I have built or restored. Naturally they are all in running condition.   Nothing has changed, I continue to put in many hours each week in the workshop at WTT.  Over 15 machines are now in process, and there are dozens of project in various locations around the museum.

What this means for our museum visitors is a new experience every time, guaranteed.

Thank You!  It Has Been A Great 13 Years!
Dale Walksler

History Comes Back To Wheels Through Time

It is said that history repeats itself. This is certainly true at Wheels Through Time this June of 2015. It loconewstorypicis with great pride that Wheels Through Time is now back in possession of a most remarkable automobile. The oneof a kind 1915 Locomobile. Most people have never heard of a Locomobile, but this Loco is of a special flavor. Built by the company that claimed to build “THE BEST CARS MONEY CAN BUY” in Bridgeport Connecticut.  It is one-off build from 1915 , designed by Frank De Causse in Bridgeport Connecticut.  More importantly it was built for Charles Templeton Crocker whose family was important in the history of the state of California. Volumes have been written about the company, the family, and the one-off automobile. The car is cataloged as a collapsible cabriolet. It is the first car with dual side mounted spare tires, but most importantly it is the first roll up window design that converts to an open top speedster. It was rumored to cost Crocker twelve thousand dollars in 1915.  Museum founder Dale Walksler purchased the car in 1995 and kept it at Wheels Through Time for 12 years. Dale regretted letting the old Loco go and was most surprised when the current owner offered the car back to Dale . Done deal! And now for your viewing pleasure we offer a new TIME MACHINE video that shares the glory of the famous Locomobile.


For More Great Videos Click Here!


Jay Leno Visits Wheels Through Time


Jay puts a pin in the “Where are you from?” map.


Jay fires up Dale’s first motorcycle.

Jay Leno made a surprise world wind visit to the museum today that included Jay cranking, to the delight of museum patrons, Dale’s first ride, his 57 Harley 3 wheel chopper.  Jay was performing at Harrahs Cherokee Casino and Wheels was in his radar.  Jay was most gracious and posed for pictures with near a hundred during his 3 hour visit.


Dale shows Jay a rare Harley cut away motor.





Museum founder Dale Walksler enthusiastically shared some of the museums gems and Jay shared some stories and his experience with similar makes and models.  Dale had visited Jay’s “BIG DOG GARAGE” several years ago during a west coast trip and marveled at Jay’s incredible collection of nearly 100 cars, Steam Power Collection, and 40 plus rare motorcycles.


Dale proves that WTT is the museum that runs.

Some of Jays favorites besides Dale’s first bike were the Cadillac 16 cylinder coupe and the 32 Lincoln Roadster, which are in the permanent collection. Other favorites were the Crocker Hemi and the Coca Cola Chopper. He was intrigued with a rare cutaway engine and the collection of one of a kind machines.  A tour of the behind the scenes workshop was a natural and then upstairs where Jay took a lap around the history of American dirt track racing machines .
In all 9 machines were ceremoniously fired up to the delight of Jay and an easy hundred admirers.

A good time was had by all… and a little smoke and fire.

New For 2015!


New Restorations, New Displays, and Working Shops are all enticing new reasons to visit or revisit Wheels Through Time.

IMG_2604One of the many new displays is a comprehensive collection of unique and one of a kind sidecars and sidevans . Several of the units were acquired at the recent action of the EJ Cole collection.


IMG_2599The Harley 45 collection is near completion. One of each model from 1929 to 1952. Most of these examples are special models or original paint machines. The latest completed restoration is the rare 1952 last year model featured in 1952
tropical green. In addition the exhibit has been enhanced and each machine is neatly displayed.

IMG_2602      The Famous Wheels Through Time board track exhibit has been enhanced with over 30 new framed pieces of memorabilia and a stunning new arrangement of machines. You can usually get a running display if Dale is on hand to fire one up.





Also don’t miss Crocker #8 and the story of Crocker #22, both now on permanent display at Wheels Through Time . Learn the behind-the-scenes story on both machines. The engine switch 50 years ago and the discovery of #8.



Check out these machines and 350 more at our digital museum THE TIME MACHINE. Also new news for 2015 is the introduction of new Time Machine videos and a streamlined website to view them. It is our commitment and goal for everybody to have easy access to history at Wheels Through Time, whether it is first hand experience or our digital option.  History .. it is our commitment to you!


Past WTT Raffle Winner Talks About Experience, Shares Feeling of Riding and Owning Vintage Iron

Dale reads off the winner of the 2011 Wheels Through Time Raffle.  Chris Hemminger took home the beautiful 1936 Knucklehead Bobber!

Dale reads off the winner of the 2011 Wheels Through Time Raffle. Chris Hemminger took home the beautiful 1936 Knucklehead Bobber!

With the 2014 Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Raffle just days away, thousands of hopeful ticket holders look toward the future with anticipation, keeping fingers crossed that they’ll be bringing home a new addition to their garage. But for a select few others, the days leading up to the raffle have been a time of reflection, as they look back at the experience of becoming the next Grand Prize Winner and owner of a genuine piece of motorcycle history.

Chris Hemminger came to Wheels Through Time Museum for his first visit in 2009. Annually making the ride to the Great Smoky Mountains with his friends, Chris began to make the museum a meeting place during his travels, sharing it with friends and family. During his first tour through WTT, he learned of the annual motorcycle raffle, which serves as the museum’s largest fundraiser, and decided to buy at ticket. Chris began to buy a ticket or two on each visit, hoping one day his luck would pay off. Eventually, he hit the jackpot, when he was called as the lucky winner of a genuine 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead Bobber in 2011! Chris received the call on his youngest daughters 1st birthday, and although he was in disbelief at first, the good news quickly set in.

The 1936 Knucklehead Bobber sitting in front of Chris's home in Maryland.  Although he's a busy guy, he rides it often!

The 1936 Knucklehead Bobber sitting in front of Chris’s home in Maryland. Although he’s a busy guy, he rides it often!

Within a month, Chris was down to claim his prize. Although he had never ridden an antique motorcycle before and was a little intimidated, he jumped in with both feet and was riding laps around the museum in no-time! “I’ve had fatboys, sportsters, ridden just about every modern model Harley of my buddies, but never anything with a kickstart, foot-clutch, tank-shift, and manual spark advace,” Chris admits. “But I absolutely loved it, and can’t believe I was intimidated.”

While keeping busy with work and home life, Chris still gets it out for a short ride or two whenever he can. He tells us that when out cruising, he often receives comments on how great the bike looks, and is occasionally asked “how much do you have in it?”. He loves to watch the reactions when he tells them it only cost him 10 bucks! His goal is to someday ride the bike in the Motorcycle Kickstart Classic, as he is a big fan of American Iron Magazine and all of the great vintage articles they put out.

Chris also has some advice for future winners: “Enjoy!” he says. “Your life is about to change! There is no feeling like riding and owning vintage iron. Especially one built from the ground up by the master himself, Dale Walkser!”

Since his lucky day, Chris has made the trek back to WTT twice a year, and says anytime he is within a couple hundred mile radius, he always makes the detour. And you guessed it….he’s still buying tickets for the museum’s annual raffle, hoping to take home another hand-built, genuine American motorcycle classic.

For more information about the 2014 Wheels Through Time Raffle Drawing November 15th, or to get your tickets to WIN today, visit www.WheelsThroughTime.com/2014raffle!

WIN THESE BIKES on Saturday, November 15th!

WIN One (OR TWO) Rare and Historic Harley-Davidson Flatheads on November 15th!

wttraffleAs the riding season begins to wind to a close, and many begin to think about putting their motorcycles away for the year, the folks at Wheels Through Time are hard at work preparing for their biggest event of the season — The 2014 WTT Motorcycle Raffle Giveaway!

Its been almost a year since Wheels Through Time gave away the 1939 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead bobber to a lucky ticket-holder, and with less than 50 days until the 2014 drawing, many are anticipating a new addition to their garage by the end of the year!

This year, the museum will be giving away not one, but TWO genuine American classics as the Grand Prizes of their annual motorcycle giveaway – 1935 and 1936 Harley-Davidson VL Flathead bobbers! Specially built in the Wheels Through Time Restoration Shop, these machines have been painstakingly brought back to life by museum curator and founder, Dale Walksler, and on November 15th will both become a part of history when the 12th Annual Raffle Drawing decides their new homes.  Read More…….

WTT Partners with The Home Depot Foundation to Help Veterans

Wheels Through Time is proud to announce that it will be partnering with The Home Depot Foundation this spring in a fundraising effort to help improve the homes and lives of United States veterans.

CREW AND WLAOur nation’s veterans made great sacrifices for the freedom we enjoy today.  But they can face major challenges, from housing and unemployment to disabilities.  The Home Depot Foundation’s mission is to ensure every veteran has a place to call a home, and now Wheels Through Time has joined the cause.

On April 17, 2014 Wheels Through Time Museum Founder and Curator, Dale Walksler will attend a Community Building Invitational hosted by The Home Depot Foundation. During this event, more than 250 volunteers from The Home Depot® and their vendor partners will collaborate to transform a permanent supportive housing facility for Atlanta area veterans.

While Dale will be on hand volunteering his time and skills, his largest contribution to the event comes in the form of a vintage military motorcycle specially restored by Walksler in the museum’s restoration shop, to be raffled off as a fundraiser. After obtaining two of the earliest motorcycles used by the United States Air Force, Dale spent months restoring a genuine 1942 Harley-Davidson Military Model in identical trim to the two former Air Force Machines found just months earlier.  The machine will be unveiled during The Home Depot Foundation’s Community Building Invitational on April 17.    READ MORE……..

New Cable-TV Series featuring WTT Taking Off This Summer!

"Whats In The Barn" Begins
Airing June 18th on Velocity TV!!!

Check your local listings for Velocity TV
Beginning this summer, Wheels Through Time Museum will be coming to a television near you.  On Tuesday, June 18th, the first episode of "What’s In The Barn" starring Dale Walksler will debut at 10:30 p.m. on Velocity TV.

"What’s In the Barn" brings the world of America’s rarest motorcycles and autos to your living room, focusing on the hunt for hidden treasure tucked away in America’s barns.   Dale Walksler has spent his life searching high and low for these long since forgotten gems, uncovering history in some of the most unusual and extraordinary  places.  As his passion grew, so did his collection, eventually evolving into the motorcycle Mecca that is Wheels Through Time Museum.   With over 350 machines on display inside the 38,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, one would think he’d be running out of room.  But the search for history continues, and "What’s in the Barn" is your ticket inside the unique life led by one of America’s foremost treasure hunters.

Whats In The Barn Starring Dale Walksler of Wheels Through Time Museum begins airing on June 18th!Walksler relocated Wheels Through Time from Mt. Vernon, IL  to Maggie Valley, North Carolina in 2002, and hasn’t looked back since.   Since its reopening, the museum has hosted over a half-million visitors, and the collection continues to grow due to Walksler’s undying passion for the rare and antique. 

Velocity TV a cable- and satellite-television channel owned by Discovery Communications.  Officially launched on October 4, 2011 Velocity focuses on automotive, motorcycle, and sports programming.  "Whats in the Barn" is produced by Chet Burks Productions, who has a long track of producing quality programming for both Velocity and SpeedTV.  

The premier of the first episode of "Whats in the Barn" will air on Tuesday,  June 18 at 10:30 after the season finale of "Chasing Classic Cars".  The following week, the new show moves to the 10:00 slot for the duration of the 8-episode season.  Velocity TV is distributed through Charter (Channel 778), DirectTV (Channel 281) and Dish Network (Channel 364), among other service providers.

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Congrats To Chris Hemminger -- Winner of the 9th Annual WTT Raffle!!!Congratulations Chris Hemminger from Centreville, MD!!!!!

Chris is the Grand Prize Winner of the 9th Annual Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Raffle.   Its a big day for Chris — Not only did he win the 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead Bobber, he won it on his daughters very first birthday! 

Chris has already decided that he’ll be taking the bike instead of the cash prize, which makes us here at the museum proud.   He’ll also be taking home an extremely limited edition painting of the bike titled "Autumn Knuckle" by our good friend and renowned Harley-Davidson Artist, David Uhl.

Congrats Chris!  Now enjoy that motorcycle!!!!