Vintage Motorcycles

The thrust of the museum is to educate future generations to a fascinating spectrum of Americana on vintage and antique motorcycles.

From the early years 1900 – 1928, motorcycles emerged from a motor powered bicycle to a form of reliable sport and transportation.

Through these years, commercial, police and military motorcycle sales were important also. The Wheels Through Time collection contains over 30 pre 16 models. All of which are in running order. Possibly the most interesting Pre 16 is Oscar Hedstroms (Indian Founder) unique prototype. The Wheels Through Time Museum is also known as the “Museum That Runs.” Most of these machines are driven regularly!

American racing motorcycles and their history create a fascinating timeline. Sixty plus racing machines from 1909 to present, grace the museum. Many are “one offs” and low production models. This collection is complete with memorabilia from the “glory days” 1909 – 1929 through its early Class C racing roots. Hillclimbing motorcycles are given special attention. A unique display has been created for this extraordinary collection of 20 factory-produced specials.

Pre-war models from 1929 – 1939 bridge the gap from old technology to modern technology. Harley Davidson Knucklehead is truly the grandfather of the modern motorcycles. A collection of these models makes an extraordinary exhibit in the museum.

Featured Motorcycle Exhibits: