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Each year, the Wheels Through Time Museum welcomes tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.  Please upload your photos here.

June 12, 2007

Uploaded by:  PerkyJack36
Jack Perkins —  Grand Canyon 2007  —  What a view!

May 21, 2007

Uploaded by: AaronMoore21
Heres me on my trip to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.   Northern-most point.

Updated by:  Matt

Here’s me and Dale after the Fred Ham Celebration Run at Talladega Superspeedway.  We covered 1375 miles in 24 hours and had a hell of a time doing it….a burnt piston on the 12th lap, several carburator problems, and countless condenser and relay problems.   Perseverance is key.

A Peek Inside The Shop – Where the magic happens

Known as “The Museum that Runs”, the Wheels Though Time Museum houses over 275 of America’s rarest and most significant vintage motorcycles and automobiles.  Each machine is kept in running and operating condition and is fired up and used regularly, giving visitors a deeper glimpse into its purpose, usefulness, and capability. 

Keeping these 275+ machines in running and operating condition is no easy task.  Constant maintenance and upkeep are required for proper performance and regular use. 

The Wheels Through Time Restoration shop, located on the premises, has been a temporary home to many of these machines.  Whether they come in for a tune-up, engine rebuild, or complete restoration, each motorcycle leaves the shop ready for everyday use. 

“Is there a crew of mechanics?” you ask.  Not here.  All of the work on these rare machines is done by museum curator, Dale Walksler and a few helping hands.  Everyday, after museum hours, the shop comes to life as Dale spends hour after hour reviving and recreating these unique pieces of history.  Late nights and early mornings come with the territory, as keeping each machine ready for use is a full-time job in itself. 

Currently, the shop is home to over twenty projects to be feature in the museum.  “Some are restorations, some are rebuilds, and some are being built from a gathering of parts that may have never known each other” says Dale.  Whatever the case, each project is assured to be completed in award winning fashion and prepared for everyday use. 

To see more on the current projects at Wheels Through Time, subscribe to The Time Machine, and watch as some of America’s rarest and most significant motorcycles and automobile are brought back to life.