Wheels Looking Forward to a Busy 2010!

The Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, NC is proud to announce that it is looking forward to another busy year in 2010. The museum, which has entertained over 500,000 visitors since its relocation in 2002, has re-adjusted its schedule for 2010 to provide countless opportunities to visit throughout the year.

WTTs new original 1916 Harley Davidson sidecar rig....that you drive from the sidecar!!!

"Although rumors are still circulating about the closing and relocation of the museum, Wheels Through Time is still located in Maggie Valley and plans to operate on a weekend schedule throughout 2010," says museum curator, Dale Walksler.

Regarded as one of the world’s premier destinations for motorcycle and transportation history, the museum has continued to grow, increasing its collection to over 315 machines and an unparalleled collection of memorabilia, and continues to provide new exhibits, which rotate regularly.

Part the Museum’s mission for 2010 includes the construction of various new exhibitions and displays, including an exhibit celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Parkway, which stretches 469 miles from the Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smoky Mountains, is the most visited National Park in the U.S. National Park System, as over 15,000,000 visitors ride and drive the parkway each year. Began in 1935, during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, construction on the Blue Ridge Parkway took over 52-years, with the last portion being completed in 1987. Heralded as one of our country’s most scenic motorways, the Blue Ridge Parkway continues to attract millions to the scenic beauty of the areas over which it extends.

"We’re excited to bring together one of our most All-American Roads with one of our country’s best transportation museums. Both provide for a true All-American experience, and we’re proud to share the history of the Blue Ridge Parkway as one of our most treasured and scenic motoring experiences, " said Walksler.

This 2010, the museum also plans to ramp up its website, at www.WheelsThroughTime.com. The first of its kind, the site contains a wealth of information about the museum and its history, as well as information dating back to the very roots of our countries transportation history. The site also contains hundreds of videos available with the click of a mouse, ranging from historical videos on the history of many of the machines housed within the museum to technical restoration shows, event videos, and virtual tours.

For more information on 2010 museum openings, call the museum at (828) 926-6266 or visit their website located www.WheelsThroughTime.com.

Meet the 2009 WTT Raffle Winner!

Wheels Through Time is proud to introduce the 2009 Wheels Through Time Raffle Grand Prize Winner — Jeff Kunz from Chesterfield, MO. During his very first visit to WTT, Jeff took a few chances on the museum’s annual raffle fundraiser, and it would be a decision that he wouldn’t regret.

Wheels Through Time Curator Dale Walksler congratulates Jeff Kunz, winner of the 2009 Annual Antique Motorcycle Raffle at Wheels Through TimeBack in 2004, Jeff Kunz came to the mountains of Western North Carolina his first time. Working for AAA, Jeff was knowledgeable about many of America’s great destinations, and decided that the Great Smoky Mountains would be a great place to go. During his visit, he opted to drive a section of section of the Blue Ridge Parkway and immediately fell in love. As he followed the Parkway’s twist and turns, one thought came to mind….. "I need to do this on a Harley".

Jeff had been around motorcycles for quite some time, and in-fact, at one time worked as a motorcycle salesman for the world famous Dave Mungenast, a former 2-time International Six Day Trials (ISDT) winner, AMA Hall-of-Famer, entrepreneur, and founder of Mungenast’s Classic Motorcycle Museum. Although he had ridden sport bikes since he was young, he’d always wanted to ride a Harley. So on his next trip to the mountains, he decided that’s exactly what he’d do.

During the first week of October 2009, Jeff came back to North Carolina with a friend to take in the beautiful scenery of the area. Staying in Maggie Valley, Jeff found the local bike rental shop, Gryphon Bikes, and rented a brand new Harley-Davidson V-Rod. As he and his friend left for their weekend motorcycle adventure, shop owner, Ken Brown, recommended that if they had some time to spare, to visit Wheels Through Time. The next day, they did just that, and following an afternoon tour at the museum, Jeff took one look at the museum’s annual raffle bike, and opted to jump in.

Just over a month later, on Saturday, November 14th, Wheels Through Time would hold its annual raffle drawing in-front of thousands of visitors. As the winning ticket was drawn, the crowd fell silent and museum curator, Dale Walksler, announced the winner. It was Jeff Kunz!!!

Jeff Kunz, winner of the Wheels Through Time Annual Antique Motorcycle Raffle, poses in front of the 1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead Grand PrizeUpon being notified that he was the 2009 Raffle Winner, Jeff was ecstatic. He spent the entire night debating on his decision. As the winner, he had the opportunity to take the 1947 Harley-Davidson motorcycle or the cash prize of $20,000. The next day, Jeff notified the museum of his decision…to take the cash prize.

"I thought long and hard about what to do," said Kunz. "Finally, I realized, that the best decision was to take the money. I just don’t have the storage space, or knowledge for that matter, to keep the machine and use it like I would like to".

With his cash prize, Jeff didn’t hesitate on what to do. Almost immediately, Jeff knew that he wanted to buy a new motorcycle. With so many different types of motorcycles on the market today, one could easily become overwhelmed with options. But Jeff knew just what he was looking for. Within days, Jeff found a like-new 2007 Harley-Davidson V-Rod — a machine almost identical to the one he rented and rode during his October trip on the Blue Ridge and to the Wheels Through Time Museum where he bought the winning ticket.

In early December, Jeff and his entire family came back to Wheels Through Time to pick-up his new V-Rod. "It worked out perfectly, and since Dale offered to pick the bike up in Georgia for me, I had an opportunity to, this time, bring the whole family to Wheels Through Time," said Kunz.

The grandson of a Policeman from St. Louis, MO 6th Precinct Police Department, Jeff also plans to donate a portion of his winnings to the Dave Mungenast Senior Memorial Bike and Badge Run. Held annually, the run benefits an organization called the Backstoppers, who provide aid to the families of fallen police officers and fireman.

Congratulations Jeff!

For more information, visit the museum’s website located www.WheelsThroughTime.com or call the museum at (828) 926-6266.