Great Vintage News from Bonneville 2010!

Word is in from the World Finals of Land Speed Racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and our good friend and fellow enthusiast, Paul Friebus, has come away with a new land speed record on his 1937 Harley-Davidson UL.  Below is a short note from Paul’s wife, Barbara, about the event.

Congrats Paul and Barbara, and we’ll all be keeping an eye out for another record next year!!!


Paul working on his HD 45TWO Flatheads ran at over 151 mph !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it was a sight to see!!!)
Just back from the World Finals event at Bonneville Salt Flats.  Paul raced his trusty 1937 BigTwin Flathead and…………………his fastest speed was a whopping 151.800mph. Still running naturally aspirated and running on fuel.  He managed to keep this speed up for both runs down the track and set a record at 151.181mph.
The chief motor cycle tech , Tom Evans, kindly put a notation in Paul’s log book saying that this is the fastest Flathead speed ever recorded at Bonneville.  What a feather this is in our cap.
Once we had that record in the bag Paul rolled out the little 45 Flathead.  This event her fastest speed was 108.707mph (the record we were chasing is 110mph).  Paul hasn’t been able to give her the tuning time that he has the BigTwin, so I’m sure that once she gets her fair share of dedication from Paul she will be able to make up the extra 2 mph that we need.
Paul and Crew, with his father aboard the 148+ mph record setting Harley!!Both bikes, after cleaning and servicing, are still running strong and ready to do it again (the rider is chomping at the bit too I must add……..)
David Pilgrim ,running his 1938 Harley Flathead TURBO, was gingerly turning up the boost as he gets everything syncronised on this puppy.  Still not at full boost , his fastest 1 way speed was 151.571mph (and there’s plenty more where that came from)!  Setting his record at 150.402mph.  Look out next year – stand back Hyabusas…….
It was a wonderful event.  We fought the weather every single day (and won) with minimal delays.   As David likes to say "No-one got hurt. Everything still runs.  Doesn’t get much better than that."
Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm. We hope to be able to do this for many years to come.

With kind regards
Paul & Barbara Friebus
WORLD FINALS OCT 2010 – fastest one-way speed 151.800mph (setting record at 151.181mph)  attained by our naturally aspirated 1937 BigTwin Harley Flathead.
Hours : Tues – Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-4pm, Closed Sun & Mon

Here’s a clip from Paul’s record-setting run in 2009!   You can feel the excitement!!!