WTT Motorcycles Among Top 14 Holiday Gifts from America’s Top Fashion Retailer’s 100-Year History

The 1992 His and Hers Gift from Neiman Marcus -- Vintage Harley-Davidson Time Machines from Wheels Through Time!This holiday season, Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, NC has been recognized by luxury retailer Neiman Marcus as suppliers for one of the companies most successful Christmas gift campaigns in the company’s 100-year history. 

For over a century, the words "Neiman Marcus" and "luxury" have gone hand in hand.  Founded in 1907 by Herbert Marcus, Sr., Carrie Marcus Neiman, and A.L. Neiman in Dallas, TX, Neiman Marcus was an immediate success in providing the grandiose and elaborate to customers across the southwest.  Today, the company has developed into a worldwide supplier of high-end fashion, with over 42 stores in 21 states and a catalogue mailing list of 1.8 million customers.

Each year, the Dallas-based provider of unique and distinctive styles and wears presents its "Christmas Book", a catalogue filled with extravagant and unusual gifts for the holiday season.  For the past 50 years, as part of the catalogue, Neiman Marcus annually selects an exciting and unexpected "His and Hers Gift", which gains particular publicity from national media.  Gifts have ranged from a pair of his and hers airplanes, a collection of paintings by Andy Warhol, a pair of 56 karat diamonds, and a personal submarine.

In 1992, Neiman Marcus contacted Wheels Through Time Museum Founder and "motorcycle maestro" Dale Walksler about the possibility of providing a more classic His and Hers gift for the upcoming catalogue  — genuine vintage American motorcycles.  Walksler was excited about the idea, and suggested "His and Hers Time Machines", where he would personally scout for, secure, and build to the customers’ specifications a genuine 1939-42 Harley-Davidson with sidecar.  The idea was an immediate hit, and several orders were placed, including one by famed author Danielle Steele. 

For the '92 His and Hers Gift, Dale would scout for, secure, and build to your specifications a genuine 1939-42 Harley-Davidson Sidecar Rig.The 1992 "Time Machines" garnered attention from national news media including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and CBS Evening News with Connie Chung.  Carolyn Cobb, Neiman Marcus Spokeswoman and motivator behind their recent Christmas catalogues noted that the "His and Hers Time Machines" attracted more publicity than any other gift in the "His and Hers" then 38-year history.

2010 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Neiman Marcus "His and Hers Gift", and in the spirit of nostalgia, the company included a selection of the top gifts from the past half-century with Wheels Through Time’s "Time Machines" beautifully presented on the front cover foldout. 

The inspiration behind the Neiman Marcus "Time Machine" gifts — the museum’s own 1940 Harley-Davidson Flathead Sidecar and 1941 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead Sidecar are currently displayed in the museum’s "Motoring the Blue Ridge" exhibit, which celebrates 75 years of the Blue Ridge Parkway and was constructed in June of 2010.

For more information on Wheels Through Time Museum, and the "His and Hers Time Machines", please visit their website, located at www.WheelsThroughTime.com or call (828) 926-6266.

Ralph Juanes Wins 8th Annual WTT Raffle!


On Saturday, November 13th, 2010 over 2500 visitors from near and far made their way to Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley for the museum’s 8th Annual Raffle Giveaway!  This year’s grand prize drawing for the beautiful 1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead restored at Wheels Through Time was won by none other than Ralph Juanes of Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Each year, the museum holds the drawing during the Annual Haywood County Toy Run.  Put on by the local Blue Ridge Thunder Motorcycle Club, the run collects both toys and donations to benefit underprivileged children in Haywood County, and since its inception, has raised over $123,000 for its cause.  This year marked the 7th year that the museum has hosted the Toy Run, and when results were tallied up, a record 1486 motorcycles participated in Haywood County’s largest annual motorcycle gathering. 

Just before 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, toy runners began arriving in a 7-mile procession that started a half hour earlier at Pisgah High School in Canton, NC.  Within minutes the museum grounds were filled with motorcycles from as far away as California.  Over 1700 participants were fed by Chef Dickey King and other local volunteers while the Josh Fields Band of Waynesville, NC provided the entertainment.  Museum "Guest Curator", Bob White, was also on hand giving tours and demonstrations inside the museum throughout the day.

As the Toy Run festivities came to a close, Blue Ridge Thunder Event Coordinator Cecil Yount handed the microphone over to Wheels Through Time Curator and Founder, Dale Walksler, for the much anticipated drawing for the 1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead.  Eager onlookers came to a silence as one young lady from the crowd was chosen to draw the winner.  Reaching deep into the drum of over 5000 tickets, she pulled one ticket which would immediately announced as the lucky winner of this year’s grand prize.

And the Winner is.....Ralph Juanes of Lebanon, New Hampshire!!!The 8th Annual Museum raffle winner was Ralph Juanes of Lebanon, New Hampshire.  Ralph was contacted by phone by Dale in front of an enthusiast and supportive crowd, and was ecstatic about his ticket being chosen. 

During the conversation, Mr. Juanes raved about his visit to the museum a few months earlier and shared how he found about it with the crowd.    In mid-2009, Juanes purchased a book titled "The Vincent in the Barn", by Tom Cotter.  The book was comprised of stories of "Barn Find" motorcycles, several of which featured the rare machines from Wheels Through Time, and sparked Juanes interest to make the 800 mile ride.  While visiting the museum, Dale’s father Bernie gave he and his friends the grand tour, and upon his return home he was so impressed that he decided to get online and order tickets on the ’47 Harley.  And the rest is history.

To date, the museum has raffled off eight motorcycles including 2010’s Grand Prize 1947 Knucklehead.  Years past have seen winners from Tennessee, Alabama, Massachusetts, South Carolina ,and Missouri, to name a few.  The proceeds from each raffle are used to help the museum create new programs and exhibits, and continue to preserve American motorcycle history for future generations to enjoy.  "Each and every supporter of this year’s raffle has placed their thumbprint throughout the museum, helping keep us ‘The Museum That Runs!" said Walksler. 

In fact, Walksler and museum staff have been hard at work, already completing the 2011 Grand Prize — a 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead — which will be given away during the 20th Annual Haywood County Toy Run on November 12, 2011.  For more information, or to get tickets for next year, visit www.WheelsThroughTime.com or call the museum at (828) 926-6266

Congratulations Ralph Juanes of Lebanon, NH -- Winner of the 8th Annual WTT Raffle!!!

And The Winner of the 8th Annual WTT Raffle is………

Mr. Ralph Juanes of Lebanon, New Hampshire. 

Ralph Juanes Wins the 8th Annual WTT Raffle!  Congrats Ralph!!!

Ralph is the big winner of the drawing for the 1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead!!!  Ralph visited the museum earlier this year, and after he got home, figured he’d by a few tickets for the drawing.  Congrats Ralph, you’re the 8th Annual Wheels Through Time Museum Raffle Giveaway Grand Prize Winner!!!

Twin Tater Bike Shows Now on The Time Machine!

Dale and Tater with the Twin, Each year, Dale and the gang at Wheels Through Time crank out dozens of rare machines from the WTT restoration shop. This year, they’ve finished up some of the coolest (and most fun) machines yet, including these two "before and after" twin Harley-Davidson VLs.

The build of these two 74" "total-loss" flatheads was inspired by one of the lesser known members of the WTT team — Dale’s dog Tater the Blue Tick Hound! Painted in black, brown and blue, these two machines were built from Dale’s stash of both used and new old stock Harley parts, in nearly identical form.

"I love building pairs of bikes," says Dale. "While they’re identical models that use many of the same parts, a deeper glance at the two will reveal lots of the little differences that give each bike a little bit of its own character and personality."

One of those key differences is the paint, which at first, was laid down by John Dills of Dills Paint Works and striped by Mark Peters. Although the two have identical "1935 Harley" paint schemes, Dale and crew spent quite a bit of time applying their famous Crustoration finish to "Tater-Two".   With a little bit of effort, a blow torch, and years of dirt accumulated from around the shop, the WTT crew managed to give it an appearance as if it hiding in a barn for decades.  "It really gives the bike a unique look…one that can only be duplicated by years of neglect and stagnation," says Dale.  "Truly a before and after combo!"

The Before and After VLs!But don’t let that dirty old appearance fool you.  Dale has messaged each of these machines into perfect running order, and after months of work, they’re currently running better than ever.

In fact, Dale and the team at WTT plans to take the shiny "Tater One" out to the Maxton Mile Land Speed Trials in 2011.  "We’ve specially prepared this engine for maximum performance.  My friend Brian Haenlien, from ACME Vintage Motorcycles in Brethren, Michigan specially rebuilt this motor, upgrading it to higher-compression, aluminum heads, and Torrington Bearing crankshaft, among many other things."  Motorcycle exhaust guru Gerald Rinehart built up a custom set of pipes, and Dale specially trued up a set of 19" Harley-Davidson wheels that roll with the best of ’em!

"We’re pretty excited about seeing what this one will do." says Dale.  "These old VLs weren’t meant to do much over 70, but with this one, we’re gonna make sure it goes well over 100!"

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