WTT On American Pickers!

WTT On American PickersThis Friday, June 10th, the guys at Wheels Through Time will be making a special appearance on History Channel’s hit show "American Pickers"! After finding a rare piece of Indian Motorcycle history, Mike and Frank give Dale a call, in hopes of finding it new home.

The show originally premiered on Tuesday, and was watched by an astonding 5.5 Million viewers. The next airing will be Friday at 8:00 p.m. on History. For more information, visit www.WheelsThroughTime.com or www.History.com.


Or you can watch the full episode online…..just click here!

2011 Hemmings Great Race Stops at WTT June 11, 2011!

The 2011 Hemmings Great Race!!!Those of you who have followed vintage car rallying over the last couple of years may have noticed that the Great Race name has been conspicuously absent from those events, put on by the Vintage Car Rally Association. But now the folks at Hemmings Motor News, along with our friends at Coker Tire, are happy to announce that the Great Race is back for 2011! The event’s going to start June 11 at Coker Tire headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and make its way north and east to finish June 17 at Hemmings headquarters in Bennington, Vermont.


On June 11, 2011, the Race will depart from Chattanooga on its way to Maggie Valley for a dinner and evening tour at Wheels Through Time. Over 60 cars are slated to participate, including many of America’s rarest and most significant autos dating back to the early 1900s.


It takes a lot of work to develop, organize and run an intricate event such as The Great Race, and it took a lot of work behind the scenes to get it off the ground, when Tom McRae and Norman Miller did just that in 1983. The two individuals were partners in the deal, and bought out an ailing race promoter who planned to race pre-World War II automobiles across the United States for a massive purse. There were plenty of folks who doubted the feasibility of an event of this magnitude, but with help from a crew of like-minded car nuts, McRae and Miller made it work. From the inaugural event in ’83 to the return of The Great Race in 2011, there have been lots of memorable moments, and with the event’s new ownership and new direction, there will be plenty more in the years to come.


So be sure to mark you calendars for this coming weekend at Wheels Through Time. It’ll be an event that you’ll remember for a lifetime.