WTT Heading To 2013 Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction!

Each year in Janaury, the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada play host to vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors from around the world when the Las Vegas Antique Motorcycle Auction comes to town. Put on by Mid-America Auctions, this three-day event brings literally hundreds of machines to the auction block, including many exceptionally rare American-made motorcycles dating back to the early 1900s, and sometimes even earlier. This year’s auction is slated for January 10th-12th, and has garnered the attention of the motorcycle world even more-so than in years past, as over 600 machines spanning over a century have been consigned for sale.

For twenty-two years now, the Las Vegas Auction has helped determine the marketplace for vintage and antique collector motorcycles. Over more than two decades, the auction has become the largest single motorcycle sale on the planet, breaking its own record numerous times. But the auction serves as more than just a venue for buying and selling motorcycles. Fittingly, it has become one of the premier social events for the unique and diverse breed of vintage motorcycle collectors. Where else can one mingle with thousands of like minded enthusiasts, while watching millions of dollars in machines roll across the auction block, and maybe even throw in a bid here and there too. 

As in years past, Wheels Through Time Museum curator Dale Walksler will be heading out west for the event, but this time he’s going for more than just fun! Early this winter, Dale was contact by three individuals who were interested in finding their machines new homes, and agreed to represent each seller and their respective machines at the auction. And these aren’t your ordinary motorcycles either!

Each of the three machines are exceptionally rare, early American motorcycles, preserved in remarkable original condition. First, a 1905 Reading Standard "Pocket-Valve Special" — a machine that hadn’t seen the light of day in more than 100 years. The bike still retains the original seat and tires. Second, a beautiful 1913 Harley Model 9-B, which remained in the Cincinnati area since it was sold new. Dale and crew managed to get this one running in a half-hour after it sat idle in a shed for 80 years.   

1912 Pierce Belt-Drive Two-Speed Single Lastly, perhaps what will be the most unique machine at the auction — the Belle of the Ball — a 1912 Belt-Driven Pierce Two-Speed. This motorcycle remains in fantastic original condition, and shows virtually no signs of wear. Preserved in its original maroon paint with gold striping, the bike still retains the tandem seat, original V-belt, and original white tires. After only a few minutes of work on the machine, Dale had it up and running as if it was new. Look for this one to be a highlight of the sale, as it is one of the most unique and original Pierces in existence.

And the provenance doesn’t stop there — all three bikes have been in their respective families for over a century. This January 10th-12th, each will find a new owner for the first time in 100 years. 

Dale will also be taking a few of his own machines to the block, including a nicely restored 1958 Harley-Davidson Duo-Glide, and a very rare 1948 Norton Manx TT Racer with Southern California racing history!

During the auction, Dale and the Wheels Through Time crew will be continuing to shoot for their upcoming Discovery Channel series, which is slated to air in early February. 

For more information on Mid-America’s Las Vegas Antique Motorcycle Auction and to watch the auction online Thursday-Saturday, visit www.MidAmericaAuctions.com.


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