My Born Free 6 Indian Chopper

Over the last several months, my friends and I have been working on something special.  After receiving an invite from Mike and Grant at the Born Free Show, we got right to work building this 1942 Indian Chief Chopper.  The bike was a ton of fun to build, and it came right down to the wire.  We finished it the day before we left.

compressed1Lots of unique features on this bike, from the custom one-off frame, to the narrowed and extended Indian girder front end, to the fully polished engine and more.  One of my favorite features of the bike is the exhaust, which come from inside the molded fender.

Wheels Through Time Celebrating 12th Anniversary July 4th Weekend!

wtt12years2Wheels Through Time Museum is celebrating its 12th Anniversary in Maggie Valley this Fourth of July weekend.  The anniversary festivities will run from Thursday through Monday, July 3-7, from 9a.m.-5p.m..  The museum houses hundreds of rare and unique machines spanning over 110 years of transportation history, dating back to very roots of motorized travel.

After relocating to Western North Carolina in 2002, Wheels Through Time has attracted over three-quarters of a million visitors to its 38,000 square foot facility in Maggie Valley near the Great Smoky Mountains. And since opening its doors, the museum has continued to grow both its collection and its following. The collection of all-American motorcycles and automobiles now totals over 360 historic machines, and Museum attendance has soared over the past several years. Recently, the museum’s hit television series “What’s in the Barn?” on Velocity TV has begun its second season.  The series follows museum curator Dale Walksler and his son Matt across the county on hunts for motorcycle history

During the anniversary weekend celebration, Wheels Through Time staff will be holding demonstrations and exhibitions of dozens of priceless rare motorcycles and automobiles.  Numerous machines found on episodes of “Whats In The Barn?” on display in the museum will be featured, including one of America’s earliest twin-cylinder motorcycles, a pair of century-old bikes that recently competed in a race for motorcycles 100 years an older, and a running and operating original 1912 Harley owned by the same family since new, just to name a few.  Various military vehicles will also be on display and ready for exhibition, including two rare Harley-Davidson Air Force machines recently discovered in rural Arkansas.

racebikeshdrDuring the anniversary weekend, the museum will be giving away 500 American Flags to visitors throughout the weekend in celebration of our nations birthday.

The museum’s 12th Anniversary Celebration will run from Thursday-Monday, July 3-7, from 9a.m.-5p.m.  Demonstrations and exhibitions of many of America’s rarest two- and four-wheeled machines will be held throughout the weekend.

For more information about the Wheels Through Time Museum, visit their video website, located at, or call (828) 926-6266.

Red Rock Reliability Tour visits WTT

On Wednesday, June 4th, we had the wonderful opportunity to host an amazing group of people participating in the Red Rock Reliability Tour.  Most of you have probably never heard of the tour as there is no club, or website, or formal event sign-up.  This small event began as a group of friends gathering together to share their mutual passion for antique automobiles.


Every 2 years since 1991, these friends set aside time to tour different parts of the country in their vintage autos — all of which were produced before 1914.  The runs typically cover 2500-3000 miles, with a route designed to put the cars to the test.  Years past have seen runs through various parts of the Rocky’s, California Coast, and Sierra Nevadas.  But 2014 was the first year the run went EAST of the Mississippi.  The eastern route was designed around the steep and winding hills of the Appalachian Mountains, with some of the toughest terrain right around Maggie Valley and Wheels Through Time.


20 cars participated in this year’s run, including makes such as Locomobile, Peerless, Ford, Packard, Stevens-Duryea, and Rolls-Royce to name a few.  A total of four Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts attended the run, including the 1914 Silver Ghost Special that won the Austrian Alpine Trials in 1914 — truly a historic car of epic proportions.

Dale takes a ride in Steve Litten's 1914 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Special -- winner of the 1914 Austrian Alpine Hill Climb Trials

Dale takes a ride in Steve Litten’s 1914 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Special — winner of the 1914 Austrian Alpine Hill Climb Trials

We were more than honored that the group set aside time to stop at Wheels Through Time, and hope that everyone enjoyed their visit. Check out some of the machines in the pics below.