“What’s In the Barn?” 2014 Exhibit

WITB exhibitDo you ever wonder where these old motorcycles come from? Have you ever been curious about what lay beneath that collapsed barn back in the woods on your favorite country road. Or better yet, do you know about a neighbor, a relative, or a friend who has been hoarding old cars and bike rusting away in an old shed?

webwitbexhibitpage“What’s in the Barn?” on Velocity TV takes viewers on a quest that criss-crosses America as museum curator Dale Walksler scours barns, buildings, and other unusual places, digging through yesterday’s junk in search of motorcycle and automotive treasure!  Walksler has spent his life hunting for long since forgotten gems, uncovering unique history in the most extraordinary places.  As his passion grew, so did his collection, eventually evolving into the world class Wheels Through Time Museum. Season Two of the hit series starring Dale and his son Matt is airing around the world throughout 2014.

For 2014, Wheels Through Time has brought together many of the rarest finds from Season 1 & 2 of “What’s In the Barn?” in a unique feature exhibit located in the museum’s main gallery.  Housing over a dozen historic motorcycles and unique pieces of motorcycle Americana, the exhibit displays many of the rare, once-in-a-lifetime finds uncovered during Dale’s travels across the Unite States.  Inside this new exhibit, you can learn the stories of who rode them, raced them, bought them and sold them….  and of course, the stories of how they were found!

webwitbexhibitpicLearn about the story of racer builder and driver, Dick Green, and how his legacy will be carried on at Wheels Through Time.  See and hear the Air Force Harley’s that Dale uncovered in a dirt floor garage in rural Arkansas.  Envision yourself on one of the 100-year old racing bikes used at the Barber Race of the Century and get up close and personal with Dale’s Dodge City find!

The exhibit showcasing barn-finds from Season 1 & 2 will run through May of 2015.

2014 Motorcycle Cannonball Memories

The 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball is almost in the books, and by all accounts it appears to have been the trip of a lifetime.  The coast-to-coast run stretched almost 4000 miles from Daytona Beach, FL to Tacoma, Washington.  With over 100 bikes competing to be the next vintage motorcycle endurance run champion, riders and their crews rode all day and wrenched all night.  For the past 16 days, they have given it their all and regardless of how they finish in the standings, their accomplishment in piloting these primitive machines from coast to coast stands on its own.  Congratulations Cannonballers on a job well done!!!

Take a look at some of our favorite photos from the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball!

Racing at Wauseon

Earlier this year, we headed out to the AMCA Summer National Meet at Wauseon, Ohio. This swapmeet has grown into one of the biggest in the country, and is a meeting place for old bike enthusiasts from around the world.

On Friday afternoon, Bike Days, LLC puts on some great flat track racing on Wauseon’s half-mile track.  There are various classes that compete throughout the day, but one of the highlights is the Board Track Class.  This year, the track was perfect, and so was the weather.  Cool air kept the bikes running great, and Scotty Brown’s team did a great job preparing the cushion track.


My 1926 Harley-Davidson FHAC ran great in practice and the heat race. When it was time for the final, a few adjustments were made, loose nuts and bolts tightened, and oil level topped off.


It was one of the closest races of the day, and literally came down to the finish line straightaway.  Check out the video below to see how it turned out!


International Harley-Davidson Dealer Ride Heads to WTT!!!

Some of the Harley-Davidson Dealer Ride attendees pose for a picture by the 1930 Harley-Davidson DAH Hillclimber at Wheels Through Time.This past Labor Day weekend, Wheels Through Time had the immense pleasure of hosting a special group of riders with a particular interest in Harley-Davidson history!  On Friday, August 29th, dealers and executives from the Harley-Davidson Motor Company rode into Maggie Valley for unique experience at “The Museum That Runs”.

Earlier in the week, thousands gathered at the Annual Harley-Davidson Summer Dealer Meeting held this year in Nashville, TN to get a glimpse at what the company had in store for the 2015 model year.  At the conclusion of the meeting, dealers from around the world embarked on the Harley-Davidson International Dealer Ride, which this year headed from Franklin, TN to Charlotte, by way of Chattanooga, TN and Asheville, NC. During the three day run through the Smokies and Blue Ridge, riders logged nearly 700 miles on brand new 2015 models debuted to the public just days before.

During Friday’s ride between Chattanooga and Asheville, Wheels Through Time was slated as the main stop along the route.  After a six hour ride through some of the best riding the area has to offer, over 150 riders poured into the museum to experience American motorcycle history at its best. Without even the first sign of fatigue from the long days ride, dealers and executives alike explored the museum for hours, and were treated to a special guided tour by museum curator, Dale Walksler. (Some riders were so eager to visit, they bypassed the previous day’s scheduled overnight stop, just so they had more time to absorb the history inside WTT!)

HD's Scott Miller and Matt Levatich hop on WTT's 2014 Raffle Bikes during their visit to Wheels Through Time.

HD’s Scott Miller and Matt Levatich hop on WTT’s 2014 Raffle Bikes during their visit to Wheels Through Time. (Photo: Scott Miller)

Matt Levatich, President and Chief Operating Officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and Scott Miller, the company’s Vice President of Styling were also on hand for the visit, having ridden every single mile with the group!  Of the 110+ years of Harley-Davidson history housed inside the museum, what Matt and Scott were most impressed with was the amount of letters, literature and other correspondence dating back to the beginnings of their company’s history — many of which were signed by the founders themselves.

Levatich also noted the numerous examples of 1915 Harley-Davidsons — a milestone machine that helped shape the company’s history — displayed in the museum collection, and wished them all a Happy Birthday.

“To host such a group of true enthusiasts from around the world has been truly memorable,” said museum curator, Dale Walksler. “Having the opportunity to share Wheels Through Time with so many industry leaders is an honor. We hope they return again, with friends and family.”

As the group departed, Dale hopped on his 1915 Harley-Davidson to guide them out of town and see them on their way. When they turned left out of the parking lot, Dale give the 100 year-old Harley all he had.  As you can imagine, they left him in the dust, with only a smile.